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is Máirín O’Grady - Yoga Teacher, Writer, and Facilitator raised in green fields, nurturing the roots that connect us all.


Meet Máirín

Hi, I am Máirín O’Grady a learner and a teacher with a passion to facilitate you in connecting to your inner compass to navigate the ups and downs of life. Using breath and movement in the body, and the inner journey of creative journaling practices I aim to allow you to feel at home in the heart and soul.


Tell me of your Yoga

Within our body our story is written.

In Yoga we inhabit our body on a more connected level. We earth into our feet, we reach into our fingertips, we lengthen through our spine. We allow our breath to support us as we move. We may feel some tension or tightness, some expansion or release. Yoga is a journey to our heart space, a discovery of a safe and sacred place within ourselves. Yoga holds this space for us, like a freshly lit candle, safe in the cup of the hands as the flame grows strong.